ECC Adventures

We were impressed by how tied-in Keyna was throughout the design process. There were many challenges faced that she patiently helped us resolve in getting the logo how we wanted it, even with the 6 hour time difference (Zoom meetings at all hours). At times we were not entirely clear in conveying our ideas, however Keyna asked the right questions to get a true sense of the feel we were looking for. She was intentional in taking the time to understand where we wanted to end up, as well responsive and patient. We also really appreciated being presented with different options at every step of the way, which gave us an opportunity to work collaboratively and generate some new ideas that we hadn’t considered ourselves. Eventually, we had her help us with a redesign a few months later, and she worked proficiently to get us to where we wanted to be.
ECC Adventures is delighted with the logo Keyna developed for us, and we happily recommend her for all your Graphic Design needs. We will definitely be collaborating with her in the future.

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